KGE Projects

55kW Installation in Beni, North Kivu, DRC

KGE installed the first commercial solar PV and storage micro-grid in eastern DRC in June 2017. KGE is currently the largest supplier of electricity in Beni city and territory, generating electricity through a 55kW solar with a 100kVa back-up generator to ensure reliability.

Beni is a small city lying in the northeast of DRC’s North Kivu Province, located west of Virunga National Park and the Rwenzori mountains and south of the Ituri forest. Beni was established in 1929 by Belgian colonial authorities as an administrative outpost because its strategic location 80km west of the DRC-Uganda border. Since colonial times, Beni has functioned as an important entry point in DRC for east African trade. Today, Beni has an estimated population of 355,000 inhabitants (est. 2015) and is home to large businesses and small entrepreneurs alike.

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