Who we are 

Kivu Green Energy (KGE) is a nationally incorporated energy company (S.A.R.L.) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Based in the city of Beni, KGE’s vision is to empower Congo’s future by  generating and managing reliable, affordable and renewable power.

Our mission is urgent and the market significant: only 9 to 19% of DRC households have access to electricity and there is 2,929 MW of unmet energy demand in DRC. Despite this energy shortage, recent research estimates that DRC has the capacity to generate more than 70GW of solar PV and researchers argue that off-grid solar power has a huge role to play in addressing DRC’s unmet energy demand.

KGE seeks to address this social need and unmet market demand through providing renewable energy and excellent customer service to the hundreds of thousands of off-grid Congolese households, businesses and organizations by leveraging best practices in solar micro-grid development and creating a financing vehicle to scale the model in a new market.

Kivu Green Energy was established in August 2015 when it acquired the largest commercial energy provider in the city of Beni, North Kivu, in order to improve the quality of the energy provided, reduce costs to consumers, and ultimately convert all diesel generated power to solar.

KGE installed the first commercial solar micro-grid in eastern DRC in June 2017 as a pilot project. KGE plans to implement a phased growth strategy for generating and managing 10MW of solar PV and storage in eastern DRC by 2023.