In August of 2015 Kivu Green Energy acquired the largest commercial energy provider in the city of Beni, North Kivu, in order to improve the quality of the energy provided, reduce costs to consumers, and ultimately convert all diesel generated power to solar. This pilot project was meant to demonstrate the viability.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is ranked second to last on the UNDP’s Human Development Index. Lack of access to basic infrastructure is a core reason for this assessment. In the North Kivu province there is not electricity grid. The possibilities for health care, education, industry, small business, and cultural activities are dramatically diminished by lack of access to power. When electricity is available, it is provided by highly polluting diesel generators. Despite the presence of medium to large businesses as Brasimba Breweries, Takengo Beverages, Okapi Fuel and Water, and others, no commercial power providers exist.

Kivu Green Energy exists to provide and manage stable, affordable, renewable energy for the people of North Kivu.

We seek support to implement a phased growth strategy for generating and managing 1.03 megawatts of solar power in the city of Beni.